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App Marketing Infographic

For all of you following me, I am currently doing a ton of research into marketing mobile apps to boost my own app downloads. Eventually this information, and my experiences with my experiments to increase users, will make it into some sort of training – some free and probably some paid, ok probably most free but who knows what the future holds. Either way, I came across this infographic that I thought was pretty interesting and applicable. Instead of doing an entire article about it, I’m just going to throw this up for those of you who are interested. I am currently in the process of putting almost all of this information into effect for my own apps.

The second half of the infographic is specifically what I am most curious to see how it affects my downloads. I have recently done some major ASO for my apps, and so we will see very soon how much impact it has on my download rates. Either way, hope this finds you well, and enjoy ?

App Videos and App Websites Infographic

What do you think? Good infographic? Bad? Indifferent? Are you even paying attention anymore? Leave a comment to wake everyone else up, or add your opinion about this to the interwebs to be here forever.

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