Go Coder


Code web pages on the go! Why wait for your computer?

  • Easily and quickly add and remove projects
  • Easily add files to your projects
  • Create HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to run on your device locally
  • Add pictures from your photo library into your project to access locally
  • No Need for network access, unless you decide to include resources that are on the internet, code anywhere – anytime!
  • Files are stored locally in the same directory, so they are easy to access and include in your main HTML code file
  • Play around with the language, see how it runs on your iOS device
  • Easy to use interface to manage your projects
  • Just click run to see the fruits of your code labors
  • Easy access button to send an email to me, the developer, with any issues, questions, or functionality requests

Go Coder is an app to allow you to easily create web documents anywhere. Create a new project, or open an existing one, and code away!
Easily manage all your projects. Add files and projects with the push of a button, and Delete files and projects with a simple swipe. Open the specific file you wish to edit, code away, then push run to see your code in action. Best of all, this can be done anywhere and at anytime, regardless of internet connectivity.Updates are currently being worked on, including tutorials to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the ability to upload and download project folders from DropBox and Google Drive, allowing you to run your code on computers, or continue work from other devices.Currently in the process of being approved by Apple:
Tutorials! They are finally on their way. They have been written and checked and are ready for you to use. Once they are through the app approval process I will update everyone.If you are having any problems or have any questions please feel free to email me or fill out our form on the support page here.

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  1. Sapnesh Maheshwari

    How to share or send my coding from my iPad to laptops

    • Right now, you can’t really do that without creating a new file on your laptop, and then holding down on the screen and selecting all and copying the text. Then you can email the text to yourself and then copy it into the new file.

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